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Summer Collection:
Beach waves

Glam in warm shades. Glow with marine reflections. Elegance in fascinating forms. Get ready for the warm season with the new summer collection 2021. Available now to order, specially created for your inspiration this season.

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Rilievo - Lustro

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Crushed Oval Carioca - Lustro

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About us

The reputation of the unmistakable Murano bottle speaks for itself. That is why craftsmen who make fine glass objects are considered true artists for the technique and innovation they demonstrate. A manual technique learned directly from the Venetian masters and taken from father to son, in fusion with a modern design, adapted to current trends. This artisanal technique is what makes the objects made of glass directly from the island of Murano unique, each one.

Italian tradition

The beads created by melting the glass rods, modeling them according to the ancient techniques of the Venetian masters and baking them in special ovens.

Authentic glass

Products from the same authentic Murano glass, just like over 700 years ago, keeping the quality and tradition that define the jewelry created from Murano glass.

Premium materials

Because all the details matter, the beads are ennobled with the highest quality materials, such as gold or silver foil.

Variety and Versatility

From classic models, to the most interesting shapes, from pieces in one color, to unique combinations of colors and textures. Something for everything.

Let the Murano bottle inspire you

Murano glass beads. Or those beads that inspire you to create, through the color, shape, texture and uniqueness of each of them. Handmade, with passion and attention to every detail, from a noble and clean glass, Murano beads are the ones that inspire you to create unique jewelry collections, decorative objects and even art.


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Oval crushed Oriental – Lustro

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Pastel oval covered with transparent

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Disc Minerale - Lustro

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