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About jewelry and fashion

And because we are in the area of ​​fashion, beauty and creativity, Murano glass jewelry are the ingredients for a fresh and full of personality outfit. We are sure that those who wore Murano glass jewelry at least once felt the power and wealth that the nobles of the past were proud of. These jewelry can easily bring any outfit to life thanks to the variety of models and colors. Even the sun highlights these jewels in a unique way. When the rays penetrate deep into the beads, they acquire a glow that will attract any look. We all know that color stains are needed in our lives, and Murano glass jewelry is famous for this. On this occasion, we thought to come up with some tips that involve combining these jewelry in your look.

  1. We all love the famous “little black dress”, it is suitable for any occasion, but how about getting it out of monotony? Try adding a yellow or gold set (necklace, earrings, bracelet) and your look will come to life.
  2. If you love colorful jewelry, then try a makeup as natural as possible. Your look must have a balance.
  3. Are you the type who wears small, discreet jewelry? In this case, focus on makeup, in principle on eye makeup.
  4. And because it’s still summer and it’s about fresh colors and looks, another tip is to use complementary color combinations. Try: a pair of green earrings with a red lipstick; a set of yellow jewelry with a purple makeup; pink earrings with a yellow makeup or a set of white jewelry with a red lipstick.
  5. Vintage – an immortal word and style. For this kind of look, use the classic smokey makeup with vintage style earrings.
  6. And if you want a modern look, the pair of round, voluminous earrings and glasses will help you.
  7. Do you want something more from your look? Try smokey eyes in shades of brown and add jewelry in shades of gold.


We are different, everyone has their own style, and that makes us unique, beautiful, confident. Choose the right accessories for you with Murano glass jewelry.

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