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The story of truly authentic beads

Murano glass is a noble, fine and precious material, a glass used for centuries to create accessories, decorative objects and last but not least, jewelry. As early as 1921, the Venetians made handmade beads from this glass, right on the island of Murano, and not long after, these beads began to fascinate the international public. Now we make our beads by hand, following the same ancient techniques of the ancient Venetian craftsmen, taken from father to son, using glass directly from the island of Murano. That is why each bead is a unique piece, even the small imperfections being proof that they are handmade. Each bead can be transformed into a new precious and special object, whether it is used in a jewelry collection or to create art. For this reason, Murano still remains the world leader in the manual manufacture of glass beads and the result is appreciated all over the world.

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