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Let the Murano bottle inspire you

Get inspired by the origin and originality of Murano glass, from the smallest beads, to pendants and accessories, to pots and interior decorations.

Murano glass has been highly valued for elegance, appearance and beauty for centuries, making it the perfect choice for jewelry and decorations even these days. Any object made of Murano glass brings with it a part of the past, and thanks to unique designs and delicate patterns, it clearly retains a prestigious place in the present and in the future. A characteristic of Murano glass objects is the surface which is always perfectly smooth. This helps maintain over time, preventing damage caused by light. Due to this feature, Murano glass began to be used more and more in the creation of jewelry.

In the past, these jewels were a symbol of greatness and only the nobles could afford them. Nowadays, these jewels are considered noble and more and more people are proud of them, being appreciated all over the world.

The name Millefiori has its meaning, in Italian meaning thousands of colors and is the oldest method, forming a mosaic. It is defined by polychromatism and the numerous flower patterns. This model is used for jewelry and decorations as it was in the past. Millefiori pendants are reminiscent of the beautiful Venetian flower, which is composed of many vibrant murrini. Over time, the masters of Murano glass have developed several types of glass, such as: crystalline glass, enamelled glass (smalto), glass with gold threads (aventurim), multicolored glass (millefiori), milk glass (lattimo) and imitation glass gemstones.

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